domingo, 15 de junio de 2014

Last but not least

It is assumed I wrote my lines about the course we did. It was awesome, no doubt. However, I would not say goodbye without a recommendation. This is a film I have just finished, and it was good. Nevertheless, what I find remarkable is the friendship-love between the young woman and the old man. Needless to say, the opinion of others members of the family is amazing. They need each other, the other people understand it. 

I remember the story of my life. When we started the course, with our speeches, Emilio incited us to speak about ourselves. If you remember I told you about my anxiety and some problems of my family. Do not bother because I consider you a new family. Well, I should say that I recognize the fact that a relationship with an old man is not easy, not like is representing during the film.  It is more than that. People are incomprehensible, mean and a little bit jealous. You ought to fight so hard and sometimes you feel that you must give up. Have happy endings finished in a good way, we would have been happily ever after.  

The film is called 'The invisible woman'

P.S. My forty blog post!!!!! :)

martes, 3 de junio de 2014

How could anyone know me if I didn’t’ know myself

This was one of my favourite sentences in the book ‘Kronen Stories’, I spoke once about it in my blog. The reason why I love it is because I identify with the same. I do not know myself. When Emilio asked for a resume of the class, or an opinion, I decided to write about me.

This year has been difficult to me. I am aware that all of us have had a lot of problems to deal with. In my case it was similar. Despite of these things, I found our classes funny and hard. I have felt that I could learn a lot, my English is know much better than before, what is matter anyway.

Otherwise, I believe than our teacher, as much as we, hate this kind of evaluation. I agree with him in some way when he said he would pass us. Maybe I do not think that it is fair, but it is true that we should be stared under other look. We are their pupils and he taught us a lot. Moreover, what I mean is that we did a symbiosis where the whole people into our room have learnt more than we have expected.

Nowadays, I continue having problems with my own identity, sometimes I feel lost. However, in no way has these lessons made trouble in me. Most of time I realize than going to class was my best medicine. Maybe I missed more class in a week; even so more free time to study a little more. I would not bother pass if that means to live another year with this bussiness. 

P. S. : Enlgish always helps you to go abroad and have fun ;)

viernes, 16 de mayo de 2014

A little effort to make a self-portrait

Straight, black hair, sometimes frizzy; short or long depends on the period of time; light lines are appearing in the wide forehead; pencil thin eyebrows, not so long eyelashes, which move quick  and gracefully as in a flirt. You do not know what color you can see in these eyes; mixing light brown and light green, it is all up to the light. But surely they are deep and mysterious. How have you ever seen into them what are they saying? Rosy cheeks, those express the happiness of a soul, and an oval jaw, let you admire an old snub nose which it became roman with the pass of life; and a mean mouth with thin, pale lips. No bags under the eye, maybe a little blue because of the tiredness. No pimples, no freckles; just only funny dimples, deeper in the left side. What are behind this mask? Happiness, worry, confusion… Everybody knows but none is sure. You can watch in it kindness, smiles and this feeling to conquer the world.

Life (our last exercise in class)

Rarely does a situation like this happen to making you happy. In the past, she might have passed through it once. Would she not have been in trouble if she had learnt the simple lesson? But she is. I hope she changed her life. It is essential she do not give up now. It was her own problem what carried her here. Though, books are not known to have been written alone, neither life. It is time she open her eyes and move on.

domingo, 11 de mayo de 2014

How to be alone

I would like to share with you another poetic video in which is taught us how to be alone. In our technology society we have not the possibility to do that. So we forgot. Nowadays, when we ought to be on our own under no circumstances are our feelings safe. We are nervous, impatient and we turn to our mobile, ipod, iphone, tablet, whatever… Simple, we should be occupied with something to forget we are alone. It is stressful for most of the population. This feeling disappear when we love ourselves. If we felt good, it would be fine go out without company. Listen and see this link, it is interesting, excessive in some parts, in my opinion, maybe because I would never go out to a disco alone. It could be I do not love myself as much as I would.

jueves, 8 de mayo de 2014

The other side of the new generation

Have you ever feel alone? Isolation is not a good thing. But almost people do every day. I wish we had not more technology advanced than free time to look into the other’s eyes. This is a video which surprised me the other day; so, I would like to share with you. I had these feelings about the situation that the link is talking about. The curious stuff here is the rhythm. I believe that it is a funny way to be aware of the communication problems we are suffering right know in our world. If you want poetry, it is not necessary to read to the oldest. Listen and watch, I am sure that it is worth.

miércoles, 7 de mayo de 2014

About Intercultural competence

Every time you hear a conference some questions jump into your mind. I agree with the words were offered to us yesterday. However, I wonder if is possible to acquire this skill if you live in a place and do not move from there. I mean, the way to learn a culture, in my opinion, is living with people who had it; when you are learning English, for example, you should live in England, mix with them and watch them in their own settle. Just only study at home you will speak, but not get the competence. The only thing you can see from here is a stereotype, not the real life.

In my job as a teacher, the competences are abilities that you ought to teach. You must teach not only Mathematics or linguistic, but social, learning to learn, etc. However, Intercultural competence is an unreal process to breed it them into if you are not the suitable means to do it. Maybe we, as teachers, should promote the digital communication, chats and social nets to get this aim, or the exchange programs. Would not be awesome if the government promotes a campaign about living abroad for a year before the University? Probably we must change the political system…